Product Description Profit Up! High-Impact, Low-Cost Social Marketing That Works! With more than 80000000 prosperous, informed members, Facebook is now the fastest-growing marketing opportunity! But traditional marketing methods will not work here. In Facebook Marketing, best-selling author Steven Holzner reveals new social marketing techniques that work and shows you exactly how to get the best of them. Using real case studies, provides powerful Holzner NE. . . More>>

Facebook Marketing: Leverage Social Media to Grow Your Business

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5 Responses to “Facebook Marketing: Leverage Social Media to Grow Your Business”

  • Ledger – extends to all the pros and cons of selling on Facebook – a world in constant motion. Nice job.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  • Steven Holzner book is an ideal guide for any beginner to Facebook. It allows the reader to become familiar with many features on Facebook, and offers market opportunities on the road. How to get a Facebook user, you get everything you need to know to know about the production and use: * Profile * * Groups * Events Facebook Facebook pages Facebook Additionally, you will learn how to: * Make * Advertise on Facebook to * use our ads to the marketplace trends and use networks to your advantage * Add the application and apply to your profiles and pages These are the most frequently used features Facebook offers and this book is your guide to learn what it takes to bring a expert on Facebook. Steven Holzner, step by step guide has pictures from Facebook menu, follow with reader easily to their own Facebook account in order to achieve the tasks assigned to the individual chapters. In addition to Steven's step-by-step guide to all the important elements of Facebook, but also explains how to use these functions as marketing strategies for your brand or product names. He explains clearly and do not do marketing on Facebook and gives useful advice for both large and small companies. I think this is a great book for beginners to Facebook. You can from the ground up Facebook and professional and the book starts with Steven's step by step instructions. It will lead you through everything you need to know in a clear and precise. If you only train to join the Facebook will see, this is a useful book to begin. With respect to the marketing aspects of the book, they were a little too tight, it was good information, but the marketing tools were few and far between. What I like about marketing tools was discussed as the author clearly states what helps and what makes you hurt, while marketing at Facebook. I think these things are useful for marketing, because the labeling on Facebook is very different from that of traditional marketing techniques and Steven wants to understand his readers. In addition, it has to make some interesting reflections on consumer awareness about the various features of Facebook, but at the end of the book it was a bit monotonous. Another aspect of the book is helpful in terms of marketing consultants were the Facebook pit throughout the book. These boxes give you some ideas to use on strategies for marketing professionals, the Facebook for their own product or brand market. Some, I felt very monotonous, but they save the author's ideas on marketing techniques. I liked these proposals because they will confirm that Steven teaches techniques actually used by established companies, and are therefore an accurate model for success. As already mentioned, this book is excellent for beginners to Facebook, and probably at the beginning of online marketing, as some good ideas to market through Facebook. On the other hand, for users who are comfortable using Facebook and use it often enough will probably not gain much knowledge through this book. This is simply because it just makes much too much information about using Facebook, and not enough on marketing strategies. Only a small part (1-2 pages) of each chapter is using the features of Facebook, dedicated to your product or brand market. The title of this book Facebook Marketing: Use Social Media to Your Business "Grow is a little misleading. Before reading this book, I expected to get much insight into the marketing on Facebook. But what I got was more about marketing and a lot about the general use of Facebook. I did not find some useful marketing strategies in the nature of consciousness of consumers, why the content marketing, search marketing, how, and why not on Facebook users from spam. Although there is good information to share with readers, it took only a fraction of the book. I think much more about Social Media Marketing, said would be, if truly understood, Facebook marketing is what you want, this book is probably not for you. Facebook can be a good way to interact with your audience and this book takes you through many possible ways of raising consumer awareness, more and more viruses, and even conduct market research. This tactic is very beneficial for any company and should be discussed in a book marketing Facebook. From my perspective, however, there is the marketing that was not enough "substance" in the book. More than half of the book is a tutorial on how to start and use the capabilities of Facebook with a few notes here and there on how to promote your brand or product names. Up to intermediate users, this book is not very useful, but a must for any beginner is to read on Facebook. He informed, easy to read and guides you through the steps necessary to be an expert user Facebook.
    Rating: 3 / 5

  • This is an excellent book for a beginner on Facebook. I will create a page for a small company and this book helped me when others (including the instructions on Facebook. Com was not) there. In the next issue, I hope that the author of favorite pages, notes and blogs developed. Overall, I recommend this book. He has just the right amount of techno-speak "and English as an excellent resource.
    Rating: 4 / 5

  • Steve Holzner's book answers my questions about issues in a clear concise writing, fully informative. I recommend this book for those who know what Facebook is and how it can really help a company looking to grow.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  • It is a very good book if you are new to Facebook and have no idea where to start, but if you spent any time or if you are looking for a book that shows you how real the power of Facebook use, then this is not the book for you.
    Rating: 2 / 5

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